Becoming a Sponsor

No two companies operate the same, while set sponsorship packages work best for some marketing strategies, they may not work for all. The design of our sponsorship prospectus recognises the importance of all our sponsors maximising their investments, so we have established a flexible approach to help meet the objectives of your marketing goals.

Build a unique package with the available sponsorship and workshop opportunities to reflect your company needs and further strengthen your brand awareness and recognition. You can choose individual sponsorship items and workshop options or group multiple opportunities together to boost your exposure.

Depending on your level of investment, your company will be listed under a tiered category of sponsorship. With each tier you will be offered additional key benefits to help promote your company further.

Whether you want to use EMC2024 as a platform to introduce a new product or gain new leads, sponsorship and workshops provide you the perfect opportunity to make new contacts whilst setting you apart from your competition.

If you would like to discuss any of our existing opportunities ahead and how these could be tailored to suit your requirements, or if you would like to talk about your own ideas, please contact our Exhibition Organiser at