Instrumentation & Methodology

Recent Advances in SPA Cryo Electron Microscopy

Recent Advances in Cellular Cryo-Electron Tomography

Volume Scanning Electron Microscopy: Sample preparation and hardware development

Volume Scanning Electron Microscopy: Software: Robust data handling and analysis

Correlative and Multimodal imaging: High Dimensional Data Acquisition

Correlative and Multimodal imaging: Imaging Across the Scales

Super-resolution Microscopy

Label-free imaging techniques

Live and functional fast volumetric imaging technologies for life sciences

The new era of computational microscopy with deep learning

Artificial Intelligence in big data analysis, and computational microscopy

Advances in 3-dimensional image reconstruction

Phase microscopy

New Instrumentation

Hyperspectral Imaging and Analysis of Hard and Soft Matter Using Electrons, Ions X-rays and Photons

Diffraction Techniques and Structural Analysis

Micro-nano Lab and Dynamic Studies

Fast and Ultrafast Dynamics using Transmission Electron Microscopy

Scanning Probe Microscopy: Imaging and Beyond

Machine Assisted Acquisition and Analysis of Microscopy Data