Submit your Eye-catching, Outstanding, and Beautiful Micrographs Now

To highlight the importance of micrographs, EMC2024 will have a micrograph competition. Accordingly, submissions are open from our conference registrants. Micrographs need not be related to research or to any paper or topic presented at the conference. Submissions may be purely for their aesthetical beauty and ability to excite curiosity.


The Scientific Imaging Competition is open to anyone with an interest in microscopy, and all entries will be evaluated by the delegates. Whoever has the highest score will be selected the winner! Any entry that does not meet the rules outlined in the link below will be disqualified. Awards will be announced at the Closing reception Friday.



Entries can only be accepted electronically as digital images and should be JPEG or TIFF files, no larger than 4mb. 


All submissions should include a short description of each image. This text should be less than 50 words. Your entry should not have been submitted to earlier competitions held any micrograph/scientific imaging competitions.


The copyright of the entire image before and after manipulation must be held by the registrant or the registrant must have the written authority of the copyright owner to submit the image for the competition. It is the responsibility of the registrant to seek all permissions required for the image to win under the registrant’s name, and for the display and publication of the entry. The organisers reserve the right to request evidence of such authorities or consents.


Appropriate credit should be given to copyright owners or co-authors of an image.


DEADLINE 15 June 2024